Professional Chiropractic Services in Melbourne, FL

Serving Melbourne, Viera, Suntree, Satellite Beach, Palm Bay, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Have you ever turned your head and felt instant relief as your neck popped? The popping sound is the pressure on your joints or muscles releasing, and it’s a great feeling.

If your muscles are tight or your joints hurt, but you can’t relieve any of that pressure, then you may need chiropractic services. Visit Aurora Chiropractic Clinic in Melbourne, FL.

What Are Chiropractic Services?

Chiropractic care is a field of medicine that treats the disruption of nerve function. If displaced vertebrae disrupt or damage your nerves, chiropractors can adjust your vertebrae to release the pressure. At Aurora Chiropractic Clinic, our chiropractors have almost 43 years of experience. When you’re in pain, we’re the team you can rely on.

At our facility, we offer a variety of treatments, including:

We are Excited to Announce that Dr. Rogers is certified as a Class IV Laser Therapy Physician

Summus P4 Laser Therapy:

This treatment can relieve pain, reduce swelling and increases range of motion.

Spinal manipulation:

This treatment returns the vertebrae to their normal position and restores range of motion.

Interferential therapy:

This treatment helps reduce muscle spasms.

Ultrasound therapy:

This treatment uses a high-frequency sound wave to reduce inflammation and help the body recover from trauma.

Mechanical traction:

This treatment relieves pressure and stress in the joints of the spine to improve flexibility and mobility.

Flexion distraction:

This treatment helps symptomatic disc injuries that cause back and leg pain heal. This method gently stretches and flexes the spine so the chiropractor can focus on specific discs.

Massage therapy:

This treatment reduces stress, improves posture, and aids in rehabilitation after an injury.